2006 Product Line 


Product                                                       Part #           List Price    

1. BackSaver for Bucket Seats

     A. Standard Plastic Seat (1)                     BS101         $75.00

     B. Standard Fiberglass Seat (2)                BS102         $75.00

     C. Solo Bucket Seats (3)


1.     This refers to the current generation of molded plastic seats that are standard on Wenonah and other similar ultra-light composite canoes and attached with pop rivets to the two mounting poles.

2.     Many older bucket seats were made of fiberglass and fiberglass was used to attach the seat to the mounting poles.  These applications require different mounting brackets and may require some fiberglass modification to mount.

3.     A BackSaver for a solo bucket seat can be ordered from CushGear.  However, this application may require modification to the standard seat mount in the canoe

2. BackSaver for Bench Seats (1)

     A. Standard Size                                     BS201         $60.00        

     B. Small Stature or Solo Canoe Seats.     BS203         $60.00        

     C. Quick Mount Clamps                         BS209         $30.00                               


1.      The standard application for these BackSavers is a wooden bench seat. These BackSavers can also be mounted to metal or composite bench seats but may require additional hardware and special support strap mounting.